Felix Oesinghaus

Illustrator and 3D Artist


High.Light is a 3D platforming game developed in Unreal Engine 4 I worked on during my 3rd semester. 

Your goal is to reach the top of the tower on a rotating platform that you have to keep from collapsing.

Duration: 12 weeks
Team Size: 6 people
Technology: Unreal Editor 4,Blueprints
I worked on: 3D Models, Materials, Gameplay, Sounds

We were tasked with creating a game using 10 types of game objects or less so we had to use means other than models to get things across.

The art style is very arcade inspired and being in charge of the visuals I relied heavily on particle systems and interesting animated materials, 

both of which I created using the Unreal 4 Editor, making use of masks and material functions instead of traditional texturing.

Each of the 9 levels has a distinct colour scheme to give the player a sense of progression to go along with the music.
Since we weren’t allowed to make more than 10 game objects we actually the time to make things a lot more polished than we usually do in these projects. The restriction and simplicity definitely helped us to cut out all the excess and focus on what’s the most important in terms of gameplay.

Date: 3rd semester (2015)