Felix Oesinghaus

Illustrator and 3D Artist

Category: Allgemein

  • Is AI Art plagiarism?

    Is AI Art plagiarism?

    Can AI create good art? Is it plagiarism to use artist names in prompts? Who owns AI art? Can you sue these companies? Can you use AI art in your workflow ethically? Is AI art going to replace artists?

  • The Golden Gallery

    The Golden Gallery

    Initially built in 1746, the Golden Gallery is one of many magnificent rooms in Charlottenburg palace and a prime example of Prussian Rococo. As part of my bachelor thesis I took on the challenge of recreating the gilded ballroom as a modular asset system in Unreal Engine 4. The goal was to create a level that matches the visual quality…

  • Project Purge

    Project Purge

    Project Purge is first-person game focused on exploration. You are a drone sent to reclaim a long lost territory and getting rid of whatever lurks there. Gameplay was not the primary focus of this project, rather we were focused on making a very visually compelling semi-realistic environment. Duration: 10 weeksTeam Size: 3 peopleTechnology: Unreal Editor 4,BlueprintsI worked on: 3D…

  • Hall of Mirrors

    Hall of Mirrors

    Hall of Mirrors – Château de Versailles I wanted to challenge myself by taking on more complex architecture so as a fun personal project I recreated the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles in Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately I couldn’t shoot my own reference photos so I mainly used wikipedia, google and pinterest and a lot of…

  • Vodafone VR

    Vodafone VR

    Vodafone VR is a VR multiplayer game for the HTC Vive I worked on during my internship at A4VR in Düsseldorf. The game was commissioned by Vodafone and displayed at the Vodafone Innovation Days 2016. Two players compete against each other by throwing discs at the other player’s goal. I was responsible for all the…

  • Kryo VR

    Kryo VR

    Kryo is a Virtual Reality Base-­Jumping Game played with the Oculus Rift on custom-made flight board. Your goal is to maneuver your way across the map using just your body to control the movement. Duration: 3 weeksTeam Size: 3 peopleTechnology: Unreal Editor 4,Blueprints , Oculus Rift DK2, I worked on: All the Visuals, Level Design, Sound This project was quite the challenge, not just because of the strict…

  • High.Light


    High.Light is a 3D platforming game developed in Unreal Engine 4 I worked on during my 3rd semester.  Your goal is to reach the top of the tower on a rotating platform that you have to keep from collapsing. Duration: 12 weeksTeam Size: 6 peopleTechnology: Unreal Editor 4,BlueprintsI worked on: 3D Models, Materials, Gameplay, Sounds We were tasked with creating a game using 10 types of…

  • Kirin Jindosh Bust

    Kirin Jindosh Bust

    Kirin Jindosh is the Grand Inventor to the Duke of Serkonos and founder of Jindosh Technologies. Jindosh is a former student of the natural philosopher Anton Sokolov and is featured in the E3 2015 Announcement Trailer for Dishonored 2. Being excited for the release of Dishonored 2 I wanted to recreate one of the characters featured…

  • Abe Sapien

    Abe Sapien

    This is a model I made of the Hellboy character Abe Sapien as a 3d coursework assignment. It is my first character I rigged/skinned & animated and then implemented into Unreal Engine 4, which taught me alot about the importance of good topolgy, animation workflows and avoiding visible UV seams.