Felix Oesinghaus

Illustrator and 3D Artist

Kirin Jindosh Bust

Kirin Jindosh is the Grand Inventor to the Duke of Serkonos and founder of Jindosh Technologies. Jindosh is a former student of the natural philosopher Anton Sokolov and is featured in the E3 2015 Announcement Trailer for Dishonored 2.

Being excited for the release of Dishonored 2 I wanted to recreate one of the characters featured in the trailer and explore the signature Dishonored artstyle as well as show my appreciation for the game. 

This is a bust I made of him in Zbrush in around a day based on the stills from the trailer. Since you don’t really see a clear frontal or side shot I had to eyeball the proportions. I really enjoyed the challenge of keeping things planar and angular in the high poly sculpt, but the scarf turned out to be most difficult thing to model and bake for the low poly version.

Close-up and frontal view of the high poly model

2400 Vertices, oriented+smooth normals, 2048×2048 normalmap+ao
I tried to make the topology, UVs and bakes as clean as possible but you could definitely optimize things even further if you wanted to use this in a game engine.