Felix Oesinghaus

Illustrator and 3D Artist

Project Purge

Project Purge is first-person game focused on exploration. You are a drone sent to reclaim a long lost territory and getting rid of whatever lurks there.

Gameplay was not the primary focus of this project, rather we were focused on making a very visually compelling semi-realistic environment.

Duration: 10 weeks
Team Size: 3 people
Technology: Unreal Editor 4,Blueprints
I worked on: 3D Assets, Materials, Particles, Level Design

It was part of the assignment to use the Unreal Kite Demo Asset Collection to help speed up the process given the timeframe, but I ended up altering most of them quite a bit because they did not fit our artistic vision or performance budget.

My focus was to make the assets as modular, versatile and clean as possible.

In-engine beauty shots of some of the locations in our game. Our programmer Klemens was also our level architect. At first we wanted our architecture to be much more rounded, futuristic and individualistic but that turned to be very unpractical. I worked very closely with him on our modular building system to make arranging the assets in the level editor as simple as possible. This project really changed the way I model and organize assets to make them more accessible and easy to understand for others.